How to install MotoPress Plugin

  1. After purchasing MotoPress plugin you’ll see the Purchase Confirmation page with your License key and the download link. Also the Purchase Receipt will be delivered to your email.
  2. Your personal MotoPress account will be created automatically after the first purchase. The login data will be also sent to your email.
    Note: sometimes message can be delivered to the spam folder of your email account. Check the spam folder too.
  3. Now you should download the plugin to your PC. To do this click the link in your account or in the message.
    Note: WordPress plugin is a zip archive. Sometimes it is unpacked automatically while saving archive in Safari browser on Mac. You can switch off this option or use another browser to download the plugin.

  4. After you downloaded the plugin to your PC and log in to your WordPress.
  5. Go to the Plugins section and click Add New.
  6. Click Upload and then Browse.
  7. Select the plugin archive you downloaded and click Install Now.
  8. After the plugin installation you should click on the Activate Plugin button.
  9. You’ll see MotoPress section in the left bottom corner of your WordPress menu.
  10. Go to the License section.
  11. Paste your license key that has been delivered to your email or is available in your account and click Save. Click the Activate button to activate your License Key
  12. The plugin is installed and ready for work. You can see the Edit with the MotoPress button in the section of editing page or post.

You can find your billing information, keys, and the latest plugin version in your account here Log in to your account using login data that was sent to your email account after the plugin purchase on our website. If you can not find a password you can reset it following the link You should use your email which was used while plugin purchase.


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