Incompatible Themes & Plugins


This page contains a log of themes and plugins with known conflicts with MotoPress.

On the permanent basis developers fix errors and conflicts so these lists are not the rule.

Incompatible Plugins:

  • Twitter Flock - generates javascript error
  • WP Super Edit
  • Reservation Widget
  • Ecwid Shopping Cart - removes content in the editor, reported
  • qTranslate - incompatible data storage format
  • CKEditor
  • WP Backitup
  • All In One WP Security with "Enable Copy Protection" option enabled
  • webZunder Open Graph
  • Markdown on Save Improved (deprecated)
  • WP Google Map with "Over-ride current jQuery with version 1.8.3" option. Disable this option to fix.
  • BePro Listings - deprecated wp_print_scripts in bepro_listings_adminhead
  • Simple History bug
  • "Calls to Action" By InboundNow
  • Print Friendly and PDF Button, to fix select "Content Algorithm" option and add div.printfriendly{position: relative;z-index: 100;} style
  • PressTicket by Toan Nguyen, install this plugin to fix
  • Copyright Proof by Digiprove, install this plugin to fix


Incompatible Themes

  • Themes with ajax content loading


Please note that bugs and issues caused by plugin or script conflicts cannot always be fixed - we will always do our best to ensure compatibility with the maximum number of themes and plugins available for WordPress, but it's simply not possible for us to guarantee compatibility with each plugin.

Due to the recent WordPress 3.9 update we have found a number of external plugins or themes which have not yet been patched are breaking the Text editors and WYSIWYG editors inside MotoPress. This is outside of our control and you must contact individual plugin/theme authors for updated versions of their applications to fix these issues, OR deactivate these plugins/themes from your sites.


Have you found an incompatible theme or plugin?

Let us know in the comments below and we will add it to our list and do our best to improve compatibility with this in the future.


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    I just purchased website template 52837 from template may be incompatable with moto press......if it is turning the plug-in off did not correct the graphical formating lost. the only other thing done in the workflow was the turning on and off of 2 other plug-ins.......which was done by template tuning tech support. Iis there a way to save an entire site before actvating the plug-in in case this happens again.....because I am paying for a complete reinstall of the site, because whatever caused the problem template monster could not fix it!

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    John Smith

    Hi Actraband, press "Submit a request" link in the top right corner of this page to create a ticket. We are happy to help.

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