How to style rows and columns in MotoPress Content Editor


Follow these steps to style your rows and columns:

1. Create a style first. For this you should write this code in your theme stylesheet or in the "Custom CSS Code" field of the MotoPress plugin. In the example below we created a style with the name "my-color-goldenrod" and set the background color to #DAA520.

 Example of the style:

.my-color-goldenrod {
   background-color: #DAA520;

If you don't know the value of your color you can use any online tool.

2. Open MotoPress Content Editor and select a row you want to style. In the options popup click the "Styles" drop-down selector and type or paste your style name. In this example it's "my-color-goldenrod"

In such a way you can style rows, columns and any other object.

Follow this post to add new styles to the drop-down selector via PHP.

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